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Leading HDPE Tarpaulin Manufacturers in India

Shiner Sacks, one of the leading manufacturers of HDPE tarpaulin in India, brings you the best quality, weather, rust resistant and water proof tarpaulins. HDPE tarpaulin is the short form of high density polyethylene tarpaulin which can be used for multiple purposes. It is largely used in automobiles, agriculture and infrastructure industries in order to protect the products from dust, heat and those looking for water proof tarpaulins. Along with this, these are also used as floor spreads, tents and covers for machinery, transportation, textile, shipping and steel industry.

We are not only the leading manufacturers of tarp in Chennai but also among the top dealers and suppliers of tarps in Bangalore and Hyderabad. Our products are available in a wide range of colors and sizes depending on the needs of the clients.

Why should you use Shiner Sacks HDPE tarps

Shiner Sacks High density polyethylene tarp are:

  • Durable, strong and light weight
  • Weather, water, dust and UV-resistant
  • Tear and leak proof with no side effects on the environment
  • Light-weight, easy to handle and economical
  • Great tensile strength and flexible at the same time

Typical high density polyethylene(HDPE) tarpaulin specifications are - a basic high density polyethylene tarp are made from oriented UV heat and stabilized with 2% carbon black. It has five layers and the panel of coated fabric is bond together with a minimum of 25mm wide stitch less joints. The end and the sides of the tarp are then hemmed with heat sealing of 40 MM overlap which is then reinforced with 2.5 MM nylon rope. This way the strength and agility of the product is increased many folds.

As we cater to the specific requirements of our wide range of customers, we have the capability of manufactur high density polyethylene tarp ranging from 68 GSM to 500 GSM. Along with the size we also customize the product's fabric mesh, tape deniers & strength as well as its width and the thickness.

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Our Products

The tarp manufactured by us can be used for a wide range of purposes. Our products include: duct's fabric mesh, tape deniers & strength as well as its width and the thickness.

Canvas Tarps: High quality product available in brown, white and green grades. The eyelets of these are made from heavy gauge brass which does not rust away. They are then hemmed and stitiches around the perimeter and reinforced at each eyelet. Each canvas tarpaulin is built with super heavy duty edges and extremely high quality thread shaft.

Mesh Tarps: Used for debris cover as well as sun shade screen. Each of these mesh tarp is fabricated with reinforced binding on all sides with the help of "built-in" grommets. These are best for wind as well as shade and in case you are looking for privacy, then the black color mesh tarp can be used.

Poly Tarps:Water and leak proof tarps available in wide range of colors and sizes. These are especially useful in rainy season.

Fire-retardant Tarps: Approved by state fire marshals, these are CPAI certified. These tarps are best for protection against static electricity as they are fire resistant.

Vinyl Tarps:Specially designed for heavy duty work, these are high abrasion tarps. They resist acid, grease, mildew and oil. Ideal for industrial purposes, construction and agriculture sectors, these tarps are waterproof and highly abrasion resistant.

Along with these products we also provide the best gym floor covers, pool tarp, baseball tarp as well as tarp for truck, boat and hay. More over it can also be used as tents, canopy and drain.

Tarpaulins Colours:

The tarpaulins provided by us come in a wide range of colors:

  • White Tarpaulins
  • Black Tarpaulins
  • Blue Tarpaulins
  • Green Tarpaulins
  • Silver Tarpaulins
How HDPE tarpaulins are manufactured?

The manufacturing process of HDPE tarps begin with lamination. It's fabric is laminated with LDPE/ LLDPE or a blend of both. Typically the tarp is a three-layer piece having one layer of woven fabric and two layers of LLDPE/ LDPE coating. There are five layered tarp also which has two layers of woven fabrics sandwiched between layers of LDPE/ LLDPE coating. Once laminated the fabric is cut into pieces depending on the size requirement/ specifications given by the client and are then sealed. This is followed by making a border for the fabric. A rope is provided along the border in order to provide strength to the tarpaulin, and it is passed through the metallic loops/ eyelets.

Every HDPE tarpaulin manufactured by Shiner Sacks goes through a rigorous process of production and quality check before being sent to the end-user. This is what makes us one of the sought after HDPE tarpaulin dealers in Bangalore and leading HDPE tarpaulin suppliers in Hyderabad.

Uses of HDPE tarpaulins
  • Transportation: The major use of tarp is in the transport sector. It protects the products from dust, UV rays and most importantly rain.
  • Storage: After transportation, this is one area where these are used in huge quantity, is for storage of food and other products. Covers for crops, godowns, chemical industry and petrochemical & fertilizer industry are in huge demand - and this demand is increasing with each passing year.
  • Temporary settlements: As mandaps, out-door trips, in building and construction industry.

Apart from these sectors, it is also used by various electricity boards to cover transformers in order to avoid accidental leakage of electricity during the monsoon season. Likewise automobile industry also makes use of HDPE tarps. Infrastructure industry is the other major buyer of it. Of late these these are also used in the children's recreational activities, as covers for oil wells, mining drill holes and also as automotive insect screen.

Also as these are far more economical, of better quality and comes in a wide range of attractive colors, they are preferred over the usual cottonn ones. In fact the range of heavy duty tarpaulins provided by Shiner Sacks is around 200 GSM and are as durable as canvas one .

Thus when it comes to HDPE tarpaulins, Shiner Sacks is undoubtedly the leader in manufacturing the best quality ones at the most effective costs. Each tarpaulin manufactured by us is tailor made to meet the specific requirement of our customers.

For more information on the different kind of tarpaulins we provide and your other packaging requirements - get in touch with us.
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